Terms and Conditions
Behavioral Health Notes: Terms and Conditions


Behavioral Health Notes offers an AI-driven platform designed to streamline the process of clinical documentation. When you access or utilize our services, you signify your acceptance of the following conditions.

Service Usage

This platform employs machine learning algorithms to create clinical notes based on patient interactions. You're free to use these services for both personal and professional purposes, as long as it's within the boundaries of these terms. Illicit or unauthorized activities are strictly prohibited, and you must adhere to relevant laws and regulations.

License and Ownership

By agreeing to these terms, we confer upon you a non-exclusive license to utilize the services as stipulated herein. Behavioral Health Notes retains all proprietary rights related to the services we offer.

Privacy Matters

Your privacy is crucial to us. We promise not to disclose any of your personal information to external entities unless mandated by law. Our Privacy Policy forms part of these terms, providing details on our data management practices.

Unacceptable Content

You may not contribute or upload content that is slanderous, vulgar, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable. Additionally, you are barred from violating others' rights, which include but are not limited to intellectual property and privacy laws.

Data Security

We employ reasonable security measures to shield your information from unauthorized access, utilization, or disclosure. Nonetheless, absolute security cannot be guaranteed. Safeguarding your account and login credentials is your responsibility.

Termination Policy

Behavioral Health Notes reserves the right to discontinue your use of the service at our discretion, with or without justification. You may also choose to end your account voluntarily. In either case, all service-related rights you hold will be nullified.  If you are given a coupon code, gift-card or any promotional discount and you cancel the service within 45 days, notes/credits will be deducted from your account equivalent to the value of the discount provided.  If no credits are left, you will be charged for the value of the discount.

Warranty Disclaimer

Our service is furnished “as is," devoid of any express or implied guarantees, including but not restricted to those concerning marketability, suitability for specific uses, or infringement of rights.

Liability Restrictions

Behavioral Health Notes will not be held accountable for indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages relating to these terms or arising from your use of the services, including, without limitation, financial losses or business disruptions.

Indemnification Clause

You agree to indemnify and absolve Behavioral Health Notes and its affiliates from any claims or legal fees incurred due to your usage of the services, violation of these terms, or infringement of others' rights.

Intellectual Property

Unauthorized usage or reproduction of any part of Behavioral Health Notes, including our technology or intellectual property, is strictly forbidden. Legal actions will be taken against any infringement.

Governing Regulations

These terms will be governed by the laws of the  State  of Georgia.

Modifications to Terms

We maintain the right to modify these terms at our discretion. Continued engagement with our services post-modification constitutes your acceptance of the changes.

Medical Advisory

Our platform doesn't offer medical counsel or replace professional medical judgment. Healthcare professionals should apply their clinical discretion in using any AI-generated documentation.

Restrictions on PHI Data

You are explicitly prohibited from uploading personal health information (PHI). As we are not a HIPAA-covered entity, we can't offer requisite protections for PHI data.  However,  your utilization of this system is also your agreement  to not enter PHI as agreed to here in our standard BAA agreement.  

Legal Standing

These terms don't create a partnership, joint venture, or agency relationship between you and Behavioral Health Notes. Both parties act as independent contractors, and neither can bind the other without written consent.  Please direct all inquiries to:  Attn: The CPAI Group, Inc - 227 Sandy Springs Place - Suite D270, Atlanta, Georgia 30328 - ‪(404) 507-6854‬ - admin@behavioralhealthnotes.com

Last update:  June 5, 2023.