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Admin / December 12, 2023

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Are you a satisfied user of Behavioral Health Notes, impressed by the time and stress it saves you in managing your therapy notes? If so, you'll be excited to learn about our Affiliate Program, where you can earn extra income by sharing your positive experience with colleagues, friends, and fellow mental health professionals.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?
Our Affiliate Program is designed to reward you for helping us spread the word about Behavioral Health Notes. Here are some compelling reasons to become an affiliate:
  1. 1. Earn Commission: For each new subscriber you refer to Behavioral Health Notes, you'll earn a generous commission. This is a fantastic way to supplement your income while helping others discover our time-saving platform.
  2. 2. Easy Setup: Joining our Affiliate Program is a breeze. With just a few clicks, you'll have access to your unique referral link, making it simple to share with your network.
  3. 3. Lifetime Commissions: The best part? You'll continue to receive commissions for the entire duration of the referred subscriber's active membership. Your earnings can add up over time.
  4. 4. Help Others: By introducing Behavioral Health Notes to your colleagues and peers, you're helping them streamline their workflow and improve their practice. It's a win-win!
How Does It Work?
Getting started
with our Affiliate Program is straightforward:
  1. 1. Sign Up: If you're a current subscriber, log in to your account and navigate to the "Affiliate Program" section in the left panel menu. Not a subscriber yet? Sign up for our platform first, then access the affiliate program.
  2. 2. Grab Your Referral Link: In the "How it works" section, you'll find your unique referral link. This link is your key to tracking referrals and earning commissions.
  3. 3. Share Your Link: Share your referral link with colleagues, friends, and anyone you think would benefit from Behavioral Health Notes. You can also enter email addresses, and we'll send out invitations on your behalf.
  4. 4. Track Your Referrals: Keep an eye on your referrals and commissions in the "My Referrals" tab. You can see who has signed up through your link and how much you've earned.
  5. 5. Request Payouts: Once you've accumulated commissions, you can request payouts in the "My Payouts" tab. We offer flexible payout methods for your convenience.
Spread the Word and Earn
Joining our Affiliate Program is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income while sharing a valuable tool with your peers. It's a simple, straightforward way to help your colleagues streamline their practice, save time, and enhance their professional lives. Plus, you'll enjoy the ongoing benefits of lifetime commissions for every referral.

Ready to get started? Log in to your Behavioral Health Notes account and explore the Affiliate Program today. Start sharing your referral link and watch your commissions grow while helping others experience the benefits of our platform.

Don't miss out on this chance to earn extra income with Behavioral Health Notes. Join our Affiliate Program now!