A Complete Guide to BIRP Notes

Admin / March 13, 2023

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BIRP stands for Behavior, Intervention, Response, and Plan. It's another structured format for documenting mental health sessions, but what sets it apart?

Behavior: Observable Actions

Here, the clinician records the patient’s actions, expressions, or demeanor during the session.

Intervention: Therapeutic Techniques

This section outlines the techniques or strategies employed during the session.

Response: Patient’s Reaction

How did the patient respond to the interventions? This is documented here, offering valuable insights for future treatment.

Plan: Next Steps

Much like SOAP and DAP notes, the plan outlines future treatment steps, be it further interventions, medication adjustments, or next appointments.


BIRP notes bring attention to the patient's immediate response to interventions, making them extremely useful in short-term therapeutic scenarios.

BIRP notes offer a unique perspective by focusing on immediate behavioral responses. Understanding this format can provide you with an additional tool for effective and insightful clinical documentation.